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[Dune Segway] New excitement between dunes and people | Tottori City | Land | Activity | KOIKOI

[Dune Segway] New excitement between dunes and people

n the splendid landscape of the vast Tottori Sand Dunes, under the guidance of a dune guide and a Segway instructor, take a Segway and move at a comfortable speed, enjoy the scenery and scenery that can only be seen in the distance, and the formation of the dunes Easily travel around the sand dunes while also providing information on the Tottori area, episodes related to Tottori Sand Dunes, and other information.

Street address Reception / Meeting place/〒680-0001 1390-227 Hamasaka, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture Tottori Sand Dunes West Rest House (Ichirimatsu Area)
phone number 090-9415-3981
business hours Start time/① 9:45〜 ② 13:00〜 ③ 15:20〜
Holiday 2020 will start business on March 14. *Closed in winter
Cost ¥​8,000
Required time About 2 hours
Official page
Provider Dune mobility tour

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