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Stroll through Hagi town with a kimono | Hagi City | Costume | Activity | KOIKOI

Stroll through Hagi town with a kimono

Kimono rental is available at a Japanese style cafe that utilizes an old private house that has been used by Mohri feudal lords for more than 120 years. You can choose your favorite from more than 100 kinds of kimono and yukata. The interior of the shop has been finished with the remnants of an old house built more than 120 years ago, and the Hagi samurai residence and street trees seen from the interior are the streets of Hagi, which flourished as the castle town of the Mori Domain in the Edo period! In front of our shop is the former home of Takamasa Kido (nee: Kogoro Katsura), which was called the three great men of the Restoration along with Takamori Saigo and Toshimichi Okubo, and has become a mecca for sightseeing.

Street address 〒758-0072 2-39 Gofukumachi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
phone number 0838-21-7000
Cost ¥3,980〜
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Provider Kimono Style Cafe

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