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Lake SUP cruising in Arakawa | Chichibu-gun | River / Lake | Activity | KOIKOI

Lake SUP cruising in Arakawa

Arakawa flows through the nature of Nagatoro. Speaking of Arakawa, there is a flow and there is an image of rapids, but the Lake SUP cruising experience is held at a place where there is no lake with a flowing scenery that overturns the image of Arakawa. This is a recommended tour for beginners, those who are interested, and those who want to continue exercising. Conversation with water, SUP board and your body in a place where there are few people.

Street address 〒369-1305 947-1 Nagatoro, Nagatoromachi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama
phone number 0494-66-2679
Cost ¥6,000〜
Required time 2 hours 30 minutes
Target age First grade junior high school 〜
Official page
Provider Canoe Village Nagatoro

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