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Let's walk Matsumoto Castle in kimono | Matsumoto City | Sightseeing, Costume | Activity | KOIKOI

Let’s walk Matsumoto Castle in kimono

Why don't you walk around the town of Matsumoto in traditional Japanese costumes such as “Kimono” and “Yukata”? We want more people to wear kimonos and explore the town of Matsumoto and Shinshu, so we will try to use rental kimonos for tourists and dressing styles that match them with the lowest possible budget. I am. Since the main store is a beauty salon, leave the dressing as well as the hair set to a professional! We have a wide range of plans that you can go out. We also have plans for "Hakama", "Ninja", "Armor" and so on so that overseas tourists and children will be pleased.

Street address 〒390-0874 Ote 3-5-13 2F, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
phone number 080-3917-8753
business hours 10:00〜17:00
Holiday Monday Tuesday
Cost ¥4,000〜
Required time 2 hours~
Official page
Provider Matsumoto kimono rental "Hanakomichi"

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