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Hakata Ori, Hakata doll painting, Hakata top painting, etc. | Fukuoka City | Doll | Activity | KOIKOI

Hakata Ori, Hakata doll painting, Hakata top painting, etc.

When Nagamasa Kuroda (the first Fukuoka feudal lord) built Fukuoka-jo Castle, as for the Hakata doll, the ceramist who made the tile of the castle makes a doll using the clay, and what I gave to Nagamasako is said to be an opening. I make a model with clay and take a model with gypsum. I knead clay into this model and I take it out of the model and touch a color in firing, a color at 800-900 degrees. A beautiful person is well known, but, in addition, I match it with the needs of the times, and various things are made. It is a nicety, an atmospheric doll in Yumi. In addition, I bear it, and Hakata puppeteer makes the doll of the mountain the decoration mountain of "the Gion, Hakata sedge hat with ornaments". "I come to Hakata came alone if I untie it, but the Hakata doll is well known to "original form Hakata joints" as a souvenir so that it is sung with doll and party of two ♪ if I return".

Street address 〒812-0039 6-10 Reisen-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
phone number 092-281-7761
business hours 10:00〜18:00
Holiday On every fourth Monday
Cost ¥1,650~(Separate admission fee ¥200)
Required time 30 minutes to 60 minutes
Official page
Provider "Hakata Machiya" hometown hall

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