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Weaving colors (woven fabric experience) | Higashimorokata-gun | Fabric | Activity | KOIKOI

Weaving colors (woven fabric experience)

In Aya-cho, we have been protecting the culture of forests for many years. One of them is the making of traditional crafts that can be seen everywhere in Ayamachi. Many crafts such as hearty silk fabrics, woodwork, bamboo crafts and pottery are produced by craftsmen. This ''Aya International Craft Castle'' has been carefully crafted by craftsmen in the town, using Kaya, zelkova and other precious trees in the town, one by one, to preserve such a culture for future generations. . In order to make this traditional craft available to many people, the facility displays and sells handmade crafts, as well as guides to various workshops, craft classes, tea houses and exhibits excellent crafts from overseas.

Street address 〒880-1303 515 Minamimata, Ayacho, Higashimorokata-gun, Miyazaki
phone number 0985-77-3464
business hours ¥1,100
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Provider Aya Town Hall Commercial Tourism Division

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