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Straw work experience・tour | Nishiusuki-gun | Traditional crafts | Activity | KOIKOI

Straw work experience・tour

Straw work is the wisdom of life that has been created in close contact with life. The straw work has a gentle touch and some nostalgic smell. For straw crafts Takubo, he continued making ropes in the mythical village Takachihogo for more than 60 years, and is now represented by the third generation Yoichiro Kai, who inherited and developed traditional techniques while operating rice cultivation on terraced rice fields in the mountains where mythology lives. I am engaged in handicrafts. In order to incorporate the form of prayer born from the original landscape of Japan into our daily lives, we conduct creative activities while responding to the needs of the times. Reservation required for hands-on tours from January to July (August to December is a busy season, so tours are not allowed.)

Street address 〒882-0401 8705-12 Nanaori, Hinokage-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki
phone number 080-1792-0753
Holiday August to December (during busy season)
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Provider Straw work Takubo

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