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Experience made with Gohei

Gohei used traditional arts of Takachiho for in "kagura performed at night of Takachiho" expresses power of God, and it is to expel Iyo and a devil of God. When kagura performed at night is over, the people of Takachiho take Gohei home with them carefully and they let a rice field and a field do it and do it with a lucky charm. Gohei is said to have modelled lightning, and when there is power to take good care of, I can believe a crop of the rice, and it is said to the lightning which occurs a lot when rice is realized that Gohei who is the symbol is provided with the power to expel a demon. I make Gohei with the experience made with Gohei using a cutter, and I buy it to go, and completed Gohei comes.

Street address 〒882-1102 Oshikata Tenku-an, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki
phone number 0982-73-1800
business hours October 04-March 31, 2020
Holiday Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday
Cost ¥4,000
Required time 1 hour
Official page
Provider Takachiho Town Tourism Association

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