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Gofu Namahage Taiko Live | Oga City | Traditional culture, Musical instruments/Music | Activity | KOIKOI

Gofu Namahage Taiko Live

Have you ever seen Namahage Taiko? It is an old and new unique local performing art that fuses the nationally designated important intangible folk cultural property "Oga no Namahage" with the ancient Japanese "Wadaiko". This is the only place in the world that has a permanent performance of this magnificent Namahage Taiko! Why don't you experience the excitement and excitement of only one? If you come to Akita, you must lose!!

Street address 〒010-0687 21-2 Kusakihara, Kitaurayumoto, Oga-shi, Akita Prefecture
phone number 0185-33-3191
business hours Start 20:30~(Opening 20:00)
Holiday Please see official HP
Cost ¥600〜
Required time 30~40 minutes
Official page
Provider Oga Onsen Exchange Hall Gofu

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