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Cloisonne pottery experience (accessory making) | Ama City | Traditional crafts | Activity | KOIKOI

Cloisonne pottery experience (accessory making)

Cloisonne ware is a metal surface baked with multicolored glassy glazes. You can find ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations from BC. This is said to have passed through the Silk Road from Europe, through China, and to Japan. In English, it is also referred to as cloisonne enamel, but in Japan it is called cloisonne (shippo). Cloisonne means seven treasures, and it is named as beautiful as studded with seven kinds of treasures in Buddhist scriptures.

Street address 〒497-0002 2000, Jusanwari, Tooshima, Shippo-cho, Ama-shi, Aichi percent
phone number 0569-34-3849
business hours Reception 9:30~15:30
Holiday Irregular holidays
Cost ¥1,000~
Required time 60 minutes ~
Official page
Provider Ama City Cloisonne Art Village

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