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[Nigiri sushi experience] I feel like a sushi chef! | Ito City | Traditional food making | Activity | KOIKOI

[Nigiri sushi experience] I feel like a sushi chef!

If you wear a samue and a Japanese hat, you will feel like a sushi chef. Let's grab sushi at once. Grab the shari in your hand, hold it lightly, and place it on it! It looks easy and needs some tips. Let's eat it when we have everything. Even though it looks a bit ugly, the sushi you hold on your own is exceptionally delicious. You can take your Japanese hat home!

Street address 〒413-0232 1666-4 Yawata, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture Village of Izu Kogen Experience
phone number 0557-54-3006 (Izu Kogen Experience Village)
business hours Telephone reception hours/9:30~18:00 Start time/①10:00 ②11:00 ③14:00
Holiday Around New Year, Golden Week, August
Cost ¥3,000〜
Required time About 60 minutes
Target age 6 years old (elementary school student) ~
Official page
Provider Nigiri Sushi Experience Akazawa

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