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Yan Bing | Kinki, Chugoku | Guide introduction | KOIKOI

Yan Bing

I started traveling in Japan in 2015 and have been to 1/3 of 47 prefectures. Aiming to conquer all prefectures. Every time I came back from the trip, I realized [I want to meet the scenery that I haven't seen yet] [People have to travel around the area with their own feet, broaden their horizons and spread their knowledge] .

Country of Citizenship China
upported language Chinese, Japanese, English
Available area Kinki,Chugoku
Message Guides are not easy, but we want to be as close as possible to each one.
Qualification Normal car license, professional photographer occupational skill test level 3 (China)
Hobbies: travel, photography, cars, denim, games, etc.