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TERMS Terms of service

This website is run by Global Engineering Co.,Ltd. and Reivalue, Inc. (henceforth “these companies”). For any guest (henceforth “guests”) using this website, we ask that you carefully read the following terms, and use this website by agreeing to them.
Additionally, in cases of separate terms established for each service and content on this website, carefully read those terms, and use this website by agreeing to them.

Upon using this website, you will agree to all of the terms, as well as the personal information protection policies of these companies. Moreover, the terms for this website and each of the services and content may change as needed, so every time you use it, we ask that you check the details.

About copyrights

For the infomration, design, layout, logos, characters, and trademarks published on this website, these companies or rights holders that have allowed these companies to use them, possess the intellectual property rights such as the copyrights, usage rights, and other additional rights.

Without permission from the rights holders, please do not reproduce or derive anything. Additionally, for copyrights related to emails sent to guests by these companies, they belong to these companies, and without permission from these companies, they cannot be derived so as to be put on other websites or printed material.

About links to this website

To post a link to this website, please contact us with the linking website’s URL, the name of the person in charge of it, and their email address.

Additionally, for websites that include content that is against social standards, adult content, or content that slanders these companies, if these companies deem these links inappropriate, these links will be refused.

About links from this website

This website has links to external websites, but the content of third party websites (henceforth “linked websites”) outside of these companies are managed under the responsibility of each of those companies, and in regard to using these linked websites, please abide by the regulations related to the copyrights and terms of each of those websites.

These companies are not responsible for the protection of personal information on these linked websites and also the content on these websites. Accordingly, when accessing other websites linked by these companies, prior to offering any personal information, we recommend reading the principles and policies related to protecting personal information on the relevant websites.

About methods guests cannot easily recognize

About cookies

On this website, information is sent via cookies with the intention of inspecting traffic information for the services offered to the guests. This information is saved on the electronic device used by the consumer, and it can recognize that this website has been accessed by the same electronic device when a guest revisits it. The use of cookies is limited to offering services to guests and user analysis.

Moreover, as long as a guest does not input personal information on this website, even if cookies are used, they cannot identify individual guests, and these companies will not obtain personal information of guests.
Additionally, guests can choose not to use cookies, but in this case, some services on this website will no longer function.

About web beacons

On this website, web beacons are not used to collect personal information of guests. Moreover, web beacons (also referred to as “clear GIFs”) are microscopic images embedded onto webpages and emails that use HTML.

About SSL

On this website, SSL (Secure Sockets Layerprotocol) is used to protect the personal informaiton of guests. SSL is a security function with the aim of protecting important information exchanged online such as personal information from being intercepted by a third party, and on this website, the inputted personal information of guests is sent and received encrypted.

About other disclaimers

Use of this website is the responsibility of the guests. Guests are personally responsible for the content of the information they input onto this website.

Without prior notice to guests, these companies may add to, change, or delete information, descriptions of services offered, and URLs related to this website.

Due to natural disasters such as fires, power outages, and earthquakes, or other reasons that hinder the system, as well as maintenance needed on the system, some or all services offered on this website will be suspended or interrupted without prior notice from these companies.

These companies do not bear any responsibility to damages or losses to guests for each of the following reasons. Additionally, if these companies suffer damages due to actions taken by guests in violation of this agreement, or due to illegal actions by guests, these companies can demand appropirate restitution from the applicable user.

  1. Use of every kind of personal information acquired from either this website or other websites that have links on this website.
  2. Via using this website, any accidents to software or hardware, infection from computer viruses, or the damage or destruction of data.
  3. Trouble that occurs between guests on this website or between a guest and some other third party.
  4. In the case of these companies not receiving emails or requests for information from guests due to defects or incidents related to the Internet.
  5. The suspension or discontinuance of some or all offers on this website.

We accept any quetions or inquiries via the following point of contact.

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TEL. 092‐692‐7547 (Operating hours: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

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